davidgow.net: Greetings!

Hi! I'm David Gow, known sometimes as sulix, and this domain (with its rather unimaginative name) is mine. On the right there's a list of pages with some stuff I've done, as well as a picture of Commander Keen, because Commander Keen is cool.

I'm a Software Engineer at a little-known company called Google, where I work on database tech. For the uninformed: databases are basically B-trees. Multi-user databases are basically B-trees with lots and lots of mutexes.

I've also helped out in some fashion or other with several Linux games, from porting Multiwinia to testing lots of ports for Humble Bundle, with lots of fun stuff in-between. I've also written an (incomplete) porting tutorial in Handmade Penguin.

I originally come from Perth, Western Australia, where I studied Software Engineering and Pure Mathematics at UWA, where I'm an administrator over at The University Computer Club, Inc. and was 2012 Vice-President. If you're in Perth and thirsty, we have an internet connected drinks machine.

If you want to get in touch, please: