Hi! I'm David Gow, known sometimes as sulix, and this domain (with its rather unimaginative name) is mine. I'm a Software Engineer working on databases during the day. I've also helped out in some fashion or other with several Linux games: porting them, testing them and lots of fun stuff in-between.

I originally come from Perth, Western Australia, where I studied Software Engineering and Pure Mathematics at UWA.

I'm always happy to answer any questions people have about Linux games or programming in general, so always feel free to email me at

Some stuff I've done

A symbol-version wrapper for gcc and glibc
An extractor for To the Moon's datafiles
A Commander Keen Reimplementation
Handmade Penguin
A game porting tutorial based on Handmade Hero
Multiwinia for Linux
Worked on the Linux version of Introversion Software's Multiwinia

General Musings

Contact Details If you want to get in touch, please (roughly in order of preference):